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RedesignKC is a full-service Kansas City remodeling contractor offering comprehensive design-build services for residential and commercial clients in the KC area.

Voltage partnered with RedesignKC with the mutual goal to increase quote form submissions by 22% year-over-year through PPC.



Voltage created three separate campaigns: one that was RedesignKC branded, one focusing on residential remodeling services, and one highly targeted campaign that included a single-keyword ad group for the keyword “kansas city remodeling” in all three match types (exact match, phrase match, and broad match modifier). Voltage then created separate landing pages focused on each service offering with unique copy based on popular search terms for the different remodeling services.

The landing pages were also designed with best practices in mind in which there was a clear call-to-action, form at the top, images of completed projects, memberships and certifications listed, and client testimonials at the bottom of the landing page. Once the campaigns were created, Voltage monitored and optimized with daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that included negative keyword matching, adjusting bids to the top of page bid, promoting well performing keywords, A/B testing ad copy, QA landing pages, quality score review, and maxing out site link extensions and call out extensions. 

Voltage has been invaluable in growing our business through their PPC efforts. — Rick Oneill, Owner


The PPC campaign was successful because it increased quote form submissions year-over-year by 179% (the original goal being an increase of only 22%), exceeding the client goal by 714%. Click-through rate increased 78% in 2019 vs. 2018 and conversion rate also increased 107% year-over-year. Despite the fact that the client historically experiences seasonality, especially during the winter months, leads from PPC continued to come in all year long.

The client had positive words to say after 2019’s PPC performance and seeing the success for their business:

“The team at Voltage has been really great to work with. They have been invaluable in growing our business through their PPC efforts. They continually produce results with an innovative, effective PPC strategy and are committed to showing the channel’s true value.”


Increase in PPC quote form submissions YOY


Increase in conversion rate YOY


Increase in click-through rate YOY

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