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Jumpstarting sessions and website leads for a trailblazing transportation and storage company


American Trailer & Storage offers portable storage equipment for sale or rent in Kansas City, Omaha, Springfield, and St. Louis.

Voltage partnered with AT&S to update their website. To add merit to this update, Voltage created a digital marketing campaign to boost their website leads via quote submissions on their site.


Voltage chose to utilize three main channels – SEO, PPC, and social – to reach AT&S’ target audience. Keyword research on consumer search habits around renting and buying containers influenced SEO targeting. Then, Voltage implemented technical SEO elements to ensure the site utilized best practices.

Voltage also leveraged keyword research when building a Google Ads campaign to target local, as well as some specific national markets for renting and buying storage containers. Finally, Voltage chose to employ Facebook ads to increase overall brand exposure, website traffic, and sales quotes among AT&S’ specific audience.


This campaign won bronze in the Business-to-Consumer Integrated Marketing category at the AMBIT Awards. Voltage also won gold in the Paid Search Marketing (PPC/SEM)  and bronze in the Social Media categories, respectively.

Through PPC, SEO, and social media, AT&S saw a 67% increase in sessions from highly qualified consumers, including a 57% increase in new users, over a 6-month time period (as compared with the same period in the previous year). AT&S also observed a 100% increase in quote submissions year-over-year which featured a 70% increase in organic conversions, a 78% increase in social conversions, and a 211% increase in PPC conversions. Social ads also created 562% more site sessions than industry benchmark sites.

The Voltage website redesign organically incorporated target keywords into site content and used these keywords to silo topic pages based on container sales, container rentals, offices, modifications, and semi-trailer rentals. Keyword research also informed copy for PPC ads, meta titles, and descriptions.

Finally, research revealed that an image of an AT&S employee welding received significantly more engagement among the target audience compared to other images shown. Therefore, Voltage used this key image for Facebook ads, as well as a similar “boomerang” video of the welding image.

Increase in site sessions
Increase in new users to the site
Increase in lead submissions