Clients / Newmark Zimmer

Transforming a real estate powerhouse


As one of the top commercial real estate firms in the region, it was imperative that Newmark Zimmer had a website that matched their leadership in the market.

With a dated user interface and little to no content on the homepage, the site needed an entire overhaul. It needed focused content upon landing to tell a stronger story to the user, while at the same time educating the user on their services and capabilities as a partner.


Our solution had two driving factors: a stronger focus on content to garner a more engaging user experience, and breathability in the interface to compliment their minimalistic brand.

We were able to achieve our goal by creating all new page flows with robust and reusable components to maximize efficiency and scalability.


Employing a minimalistic approach

A combination of large negative spaces and simple iconography was the key to delivering a minimalistic look and feel throughout the site. We also utilized Newmark Zimmer’s abstract photography, which took the lead in visual content.