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SEO-driven site expansion leads to leaps in organic sessions and conversions for SaaS client


Launched by Dolby Laboratories, a global leader in audio and video processing tools, is an API platform designed to enhance media and communication possibilities. enables developers, content creators, and businesses to enhance every interaction and every piece of content to deliver the highest quality communications, collaboration, and audiovisual experiences in their apps and services.

Search engine optimization wasn’t at the forefront of’s strategy when they originally launched their website. The site relied heavily on the strength of Dolby Laboratories’ global brand recognition to draw organic search traffic, with nearly all organic traffic coming from branded queries. As the company’s offerings expanded, Voltage had the opportunity to guide website expansion efforts with an SEO-focused approach.


Voltage performed extensive keyword, entity, competitor, and search engine results page research to develop a content strategy that would connect with’s niche audience. This research was used to update on-page elements (metatags, headers, anchor text, alt tags, etc.) and body copy on evergreen pages. Voltage also took advantage of’s vast collection of developer documentation and blog pages to improve the site’s internal linking structure, which helped search engine bots understand page context and help users navigate the site.


*Voltage won silver in the Organic Search Engine Marketing category at the 2022 AMBIT Awards.

With optimized content geared directly toward the client’s niche audience, was able to rely less on the name recognition of its parent company and increase its clicks from non-branded queries by 25%. The non-branded search impressions also increased by 48%. Overall, traffic from organic search nearly doubled, growing by 96%. The increase in organic traffic resulted in a 76% increase in leads, which was’s primary conversion metric.

Increase in organic sessions
Increase in new organic users
Increase in organic goal completions