Why all the KC love?

If you’ve been to Kansas City, you’ve experienced the affinity and love relationship locals and transplants alike have with the city. You might think it’s tacky that we wear shirts with “heart” KC or the city name all over it like a bunch of tourists. Turns out, we just love the place. Whether it is the history, range of architecture, opportunities to raise families, or the awesome sports, arts, and food, we’re pretty content here in our corner of the United States.

But your clients are national!

True, yet we have a lot of local clients and even some of our clients around the country can trace a relationship or connection to us here in KC. Regardless of where our clients are, we love to bring them Midwestern hospitality. Whether that is when we visit them in person, host them here, or talk daily over Zoom.

Yes, we’re proud of our roots.

Voltage was founded in 2005 in a one-room office in the River Market neighborhood. Today, we’re just 17 steps across the street in our own three story building. We love the Market and all of the culture that surrounds us. We welcome you to come visit us to grab coffee, a bite, or drink. Yes, we love BBQ and can take you to those spots, but there’s so much to explore!

“Whether down the street or time zones away, we love to bring Kansas City spirit to our clients and partners.”
Corey Morris

Giving is in our DNA

It is rewarding to be engaged in the community and to serve it. Yes, we’re competitive, yes we want to win. But, that doesn’t mean that we have to be secretive or closed down. We love partnerships whether they are with peers, clients, students, non-profits, and the communities we belong to locally and globally.

Serving the Marketing Community

We have founded local conferences, served on marketing club boards, sponsored organizations, hosted events in our office, and continue to engage with the local community and beyond to be a contributing member to our marketing community. We’re all about lifting all ships and being friends, not enemies or just competitors in our local market and beyond.

Supporting Great Organizations

We give back in a number of ways including giving work-product and donations of our time and efforts to organizations doing good in our community and beyond. We’ve also had a chance to contribute items for those in need ranging from Children’s Mercy Hospital, Foster Adopt Connect, the Folly Theater, and many more.

Sharing Our Smarts

We proudly invest in the future of our industry through internships, mentorships, and ongoing partnerships with local universities. That includes serving on advisory committees meeting with students and helping shape curriculum to even partnering in local startup networks to mentor those early in their company’s journey.