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Securing first-page logistics and transportation keywords with successful SEO


This annual plan met the challenge of surpassing a very successful previous-year campaign. MIQ wanted to gain a strong footing with Incoterms content. Incoterms are a set of rules which define the responsibilities of sellers and buyers for the delivery of goods under sales contracts.


Voltage added more Incoterm content and made sure it adhered with overall site architecture with on-page optimization and technical SEO factors. Through the year, Voltage’s specific iterative and process-driven SEO plan for MIQ ensured proper monitoring, rounds of optimization, and competitive positioning were taken beyond the big initiatives with site structure and content.


The site structure, content, and ongoing optimization process in the strategy yielded continued gains over those made in the year prior. This included areas of overall visibility and positioning in the search engine results pages (SERPs), clicks through to the website, site sessions, and form submissions for specific services.

  • Organic sessions up 72%
  • Goals (filling out an international quote form) up 46%
  • Multiple Incoterm-related keywords gained average position on the first page
Increase in overall position
Increase in impressions
Increase in clicks