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As a leading international pharmaceutical company headquartered in the United States that prioritizes innovation in animal health, connecting first-time puppy owners is at the forefront of their new initiative with a campaign featuring bonds between owners and pets.

Through various value exchanges — such as resources and support for owners, sweepstakes for owners in need of puppy supplies, and free deworming care for puppies — this campaign aimed to inform, educate, and support new owners throughout the process of preparing puppies for their new home.


This client had an established marketing strategy; however, for a new initiative targeting new puppy owners, they needed a direct and effective lead generation campaign. Paid search marketing was the immediate choice to find the right audience using the right messaging.

At the onset of researching keywords and developing content, we decided to break out each value exchange — a long-form guide for new puppy owners, shopping sweepstakes for puppy supplies, and a free dose for deworming care — into different campaigns.

We leveraged Google’s innovative Responsive Search Ads for this campaign. Combined with Google’s “Maximize clicks” bid strategy, producing ads that target common interest categories was effortless.

Within 24 hours of launch, the campaign received a lead roughly every two hours and maintained a 2.5% CTR or higher. To build on this performance, we used Google’s in-depth and comprehensive attribution modeling to understand which users were engaging with which headlines and descriptions best.


*Voltage won gold in the Organic Search Engine Marketing category at the 2022 AMBIT Awards.

The goal for this new initiative was to expand its customer base with more qualified leads and funnel customers to partnered veterinary clinics. By targeting first-time puppy owners in this campaign we were able to get them leads quickly. With a conversion rate of 4.35%, we surpassed the advertiser’s lead goal by 130%.


Over advertiser’s lead target

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