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Kicksite is a B2B company that provides and maintains gym business management software for martial arts school owners.

Kicksite enlisted Voltage to optimize their website for SEO, helping improve rankings in organic Google search results. Through keyword research, Voltage identified “martial arts software” as a primary targeted keyword phrase due to its high monthly search volume and qualified search content. 



To successfully gain and hold a “page one ranking” for this target keyword, Voltage and Kicksite created a specific business type page for martial arts software on Kicksite’s website that delineated between their traditional martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu offerings. Extensive copy research helped create page content with user intent in mind while also feeding into recommended hyper-targeted meta titles and descriptions. Then, user experience (UX) best practices influenced design for the new page, resulting in a clean, modern site that concisely explains the benefits of Kicksite over competitors.

In the process of finding new optimization strategies, Voltage conducted an audit of a Kicksite competitor that consistently ranked in the third position of search results. Voltage also analyzed content on the top 10 ranking sites and used the findings to create opportunities for Kicksite. 


*Voltage won silver in the Organic Search Engine Marketing category at the 2021 AMBIT Awards

In 2019, Kicksite’s home page successfully ranked on page one for “martial arts software.” Then, once Voltage created a targeted page specifically for this keyword phrase, it quickly climbed in rankings. By October of 2020, it also reached page one, and in November, it ranked in the third position on the page. Since then, it has remained in the top four of organic search results – an 83% increase in rank – resulting in almost 6,500 impressions.

This highly qualified query has not only resulted in additional site traffic (Kicksite received 21% more site sessions in 2020 vs. benchmark software sites) but has also helped consumers associate Kicksite as the top martial arts software company because of its high rankings in SERPs.


Increase in ranking position for “martial arts software”


Increase in impressions for the focus keyword


More organic sessions than industry benchmark in 2020

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