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BARR Advisory is a B2B cloud-based cybersecurity company specializing in risk management, compliance, and advisory services. The company simplifies security and compliance by providing the accessibility of a boutique firm with the expertise and tools of a global firm.

In 2020, BARR Advisory wanted to increase organic leads and sessions to their site, which involved improving the site’s ability to be crawled and indexed by search engines through technical and on-page SEO. 


Voltage conducted extensive keyword research to more accurately connect with BARR Advisory’s target audiences. The SEO strategy included restructuring the website to be more siloed with updated copy and headers, metatags with targeted keywords, structured data, and the removal of all duplicate content. 

We also focused on improving user experience by creating more targeted and visually appealing lead forms based on visitor interests, increasing internal linking and navigation, and adding transcriptions to video resources.


*Voltage won gold in the Organic Search Engine Marketing category at the 2021 AMBIT Awards.

Through technical SEO and UX optimizations, BARR Advisory experienced a 114% increase in organic lead conversions and a 98% increase in organic sessions (June through December 2020, year-over-year comparison). Voltage’s organic efforts also led to a 159% increase in monthly organic clicks and a 97% increase in overall impressions (based on the most recent available Google Search Console data in 2020). 


Increase YoY in organic lead conversions


Increase in organic clicks (Dec 2020 vs Dec 2019)


Increase in organic sessions (Dec 2020 vs Dec 2019)

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