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KCI Expo Center had an objective to increase their social media presence to help prospects see the benefit of holding their organization’s event at KCI Expo Center, to create brand awareness, and to attract event attendees to their weekly events. Before Voltage worked with KCI Expo Center, there was no social media presence for the Expo Center.


Voltage created a hot dates campaign on Facebook and LinkedIn to increase leads for future events. The hot dates campaign targeted event planners throughout the Midwest. For the ongoing campaign through 2016, Voltage created a strategy to increase reach and event leads. This was driven through the development, maintenance, and optimization of a content calendar for KCI Expo Center and posted details about events being held at their space a few days before the event, and would then advertise the event to the particular event target audience within the Kansas City area. An agile approach was taken to refine and optimize posts reaching the right targets within the audience of prospects to drive leads and gain engagement on key social media networks.

KCI Expo Center experienced a 100% increase in traffic due to increased social media awareness.


The successful 2016 campaign showed a large increase in total conversions through social media traffic attributed to the strategy over the time frame where comparable data to 2015 was available.

The following are results achieved from June 12, 2016 – December 31, 2016 vs. same period in 2015:

  • Traffic from Facebook: +129.45%

Total Conversions (Leads) from Social


Total Traffic from Social Increase


LinkedIn Traffic Increase

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