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Macbook Adopt Kansas Kids website screenshot


Adopt Kansas Kids was seeking a newly-designed web presence that would enable multiple users to easily navigate the site and ultimately assist them in the process of finding a child to adopt.

The organization also wanted to create a much easier process for additional users, such as case workers and staff, to add children to the database along with updating an existing child’s profile.


Voltage was tasked with designing and developing a new website for Adopt Kansas Kids. The new site was created with families in mind who are somewhere along the adoption process, either pre- or post-adoption.

The website included a “Meet the Kids” page that’s easy to navigate through for parents seeking a new child. Families in the post-adoption phase can use the website as a resource in the “For Families” section and social workers/case managers through login profiles.

Adopt Kansas Kids website screenshot

Voltage designed a custom website for Adopt Kansas Kids that evokes an emotional connection from current and future parents.

iPhone XS Adopt Kansas Kids website screenshot
iPad Adopt Kansas Kids website screenshot
iPad Adopt Kansas Kids website screenshot


The launch of the newly-designed website brought a much more user-friendly interface that can be easily navigated by families in the adoption process or case workers and staff members. The bright colors, family-centered photography and playful font choices intentionally evoke a sense of welcoming and an emotional connection from viewers of the website.

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