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Macbook KC Symphony website


The Kansas City Symphony wanted to create a custom, modern website that sets it apart from traditional competitors–and those competing for entertainment dollars–while telling the story of the brand and providing an optimal user experience. In addition, it needed to be mobile responsive and work for users across all devices, which was something the previous site was not optimized for. The goal was to create a seamless experience between the WordPress website and TNEW portions of the site.


Voltage’s development of specific features, functionality, and content on the WordPress content management system provided optimized user interfaces for users on virtually any type of device, whether they are buying tickets and scrolling through the site on their cell phone or computer.

The Symphony wanted to make the musicians feel recognized, so Voltage created a Featured Musician spotlight and expanded the individual musician bio pages.

The Symphony also wanted to make sure the Symphony was approachable to all visitors. In order to make the visitors comfortable, we built out extensive Plan Your Visit and education sections.

KC Symphony website

The Kansas City Symphony's world-class reputation is reflected in its new website interface.

iPhone XS KC Symphony website
iPad KC Symphony website
iPad KC Symphony website


The new website is a stable and extensible foundation for future development and efficient internal management of content. The Kansas City Symphony team can now easily update their sections of the website without needing developer help. Users can learn more about the Symphony and easily purchase tickets from any device. 

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