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The branding process was the initial step ahead of website updates and the kickoff of digital marketing. The Voltage design and development team led the client through discovery, workshop, research, visual design, brand messaging, and ultimately the brand guidelines development stages of the process.

The overall process was focused on ensuring that the Simplicity brand would achieve goals of being the most recognizable in the industry in the market.

The focus and dedication to the process and adhering to each step getting client input and advising with research and creative process was critical.


The brand revolves around one idea: simplifying your home to create the perfect environment for your friends and family. The logo visually represents peacefulness, harmony and approachability. To convey a sense of peace, two welcoming blues complement the open space in our logotype. Our mark originates from an abstract take on the capital “S.” This represents the two halves of the “S” working together in perfect harmony. A sans serif font with open tracking, uniform character sizing and a tagline phrased in a conversational tone combine makes the brand very approachable.

The voice for Simplicity is professional, elite, confident, yet approachable. The tagline, brand statement, and elevator speech provide important messaging platforms that everyone from the owners to the technicians can incorporate to make the technology products and solutions approachable to the target audiences.

Simplicity was positioned as smart home automation industry leader with brand refresh.

2019 BMA Fountain Award

Brand Refresh & Development


The identity program is critical to the business in how employees interact with customers, in how the sales effort presents to prospects, and in how the marketing campaigns and website engage visitors. The old identity was hard to work with, complicated, and not reflective of the quality of products and services that Simplicity offers.

The identity program has been well received. The largest vendor for Simplicity is impressed and called out the brand specifically at a national meeting. The staff has been living and representing the brand, and since the program launched, they have seen increased exposure, engagement, and website leads.

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