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BARR Advisory is a B2B cloud-based cybersecurity company specializing in risk management, compliance, and advisory services. BARR Advisory’s goal is to simplify the path to security and compliance by delivering the accessibility of a boutique firm with the expertise and tools of a global firm.

The primary goal of Voltage’s SEO campaign was to increase the number of total qualified leads generated through organic search.


Our SEO strategy focused on improving usability, crawlability, and indexation. To improve usability, our team audited hundreds of blog articles and formulated a page-by-page strategy to determine what content to remove, improve, or leave alone. We added transcription to video content to make it ADA-compliant and to bolster the amount of relevant content on the site. Our team changed the calls-to-action on lead-generating pages from barely responsive forms at the bottom of the page to click popups with buttons located above the fold. Voltage improved the search visibility of lead-generating pages by updating messaging to be more audience and keyword-focused.

Content across the website was updated and optimized based on extensive keyword research to improve rankings and to connect with the client’s target audience in an impactful way. Voltage also utilized web design best practices to improve engagement with the lead form, pop-up, and call-to-action features. Pages within the Resource Hub were designed to be easy to navigate between different resource types while promoting featured content. 

To improve crawlability and indexation, the Voltage team optimized the site structure and placed blog and resource content into subfolders. File sizes and the client’s page builder were optimized to increase overall site speed. Lastly, we built a resource hub to house optimized case studies, white papers, downloadable content, and videos.


*Voltage won gold in the Organic Search Engine Marketing category in back-to-back years at the 2022 AMBIT Awards and 2021 AMBIT Awards.

In 2021, organic clicks increased by 200%, organic impressions increased by 149%, and click-through rates increased by 21%. Ultimately, this led to an 82% increase in qualified leads generated for the client (comparing 2021 with 2020 year over year).

Our efforts were successful because we took a user-first approach to this client’s SEO strategy. We improved the overall visibility of the website by optimizing the site structure. This helped search engines and users better navigate and understand the messaging. Cleaning up the blog content that represented more than 70% of the sitemap delivered the user with relevant, high-quality content. Improving the copy, design, loadability, responsiveness, and the placement of CTAs increased contact form engagement.


Increase in lead conversions from organic search, year over year


Increase in organic clicks


Increase in organic impressions

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