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Having piles of data acquired from your customers doesn’t do much good if there is no place for the data to live. Having a robust CRM system in place allows you to use this data to connect, engage, and grow with your customer like never before. It’s our goal to get your business into a CRM system that will give you immediate and long-term benefits.

Through CRM consultation, development, and implementation Voltage helps to unlock the power of that data for marketing purposes that may otherwise be impossible.

Our CRM offering includes:

Data Migration and Integration – move all your existing data into your new CRM system and instantly begin to leverage this information for customer retainment.

Business Process Architecture – We’ll sit down with you and truly discover how your business process works, and how this relates to properly setting up your CRM system.

Business Automation – End the constant struggle of trying to balance too many tasks and automate your problems away! CRM allows the user to set up high-end business automation tasks that will save you time and money.

Reporting and Analytics – An endless supply of data at your fingertips, so how do you use it? CRM provides high-end reporting and analytics tools for you to make the best decisions for your business moving forward, and only see the data that makes you the most effective.

Sentiment Analysis – Use the built-in machine learning programs to engage with your online community and get a snapshot of what your digital presence truly looks like.

User Training – We don’t purposely create pain points for our customers. We’ll train you on how to use your new CRM system effectively.

Post Go-Live Support – After we’ve turned everything on, we’re still here! It’s our goal to make sure your CRM system is running smoothly for years to come!

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