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Email Marketing & Automation

A tried and true marketing channel that has been around since way before we called things “digital”. Yes, we can incorporate things like “newsletters” into your digital marketing strategy. However, there’s so much more to email, including automation, 1:1 personalization, predictive behavior communications, and AI. We do it all while prioritizing permission, privacy laws, and – most importantly – creating value for the recipient.

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Full funnel strategy.

We leverage leading technologies and the right one for each client within their digital marketing plan. Email is an important channel for full-funnel campaigns and long lead generation and sales cycles. It isn’t a standalone thing to be put in a silo, and it’s important in the customer journey for the full range — from thought leadership to lead nurture to engagement with internal and external audiences — for retention and lifetime value.

What we do best.

We do email in combination with search and other digital channels in a full-funnel approach. Starting with the overall digital strategy, goals, and content calendar, we leverage it in the most natural way for clients, customers, and internal audiences to make sure the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time.


We often work with clients to establish a regular email marketing program or to level up their current campaigns and sends. Connecting to the broader marketing and business goals and overall digital marketing plan is step one.


Like any digital channel, we need to have our tech stack defined and our house in order. We work with leading tech or existing client programs as standalone integration or embedded in a CRM to make the technology work for us and to provide full visibility of performance data within the overall plan.


Mapping out and working within the defined digital marketing plan and content calendar is critical. Similarly, dynamic messaging requires regular monitoring, strategy adjustments, and optimization. Just like search and other digital channels, we optimize email content with an integrated mindset.