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Website design and development services span back to the early days of Voltage. We’ve been doing websites since before the emergence of open-source technologies, and we were early adopters of WordPress and other leading tech. In fact, we were doing powerful things in WordPress back when we had to fight a stigma or perception that it was just a blogging platform. Whether it is a one-page website or a Fortune 500 enterprise site with complex integrations, security standards, and functionality, we have seen it all and have the awards, credentials, and experience to show for it.

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Form and function.

Our full development process features both unique, creative design as well as powerful technology. Getting both right is important in order to ensure that the businesses we work with stand out from the crowd while providing an optimal user experience that engages their target audiences and helps them reach their goals.

We are proud of the work we have done for brands large and small, and we have a robust portfolio that shows the range of our skills and experiences.

What we do best.

We have a full process that owns web projects from start to finish. We start with discovery, move into documentation, design the key interfaces, develop it, and deploy it at the end of a key QA and testing process. We love working through the full process with clients, and we also have the flexibility to adapt how we partner with clients, consultants, and agencies to work as an integrated part of a larger team.

Discovery & Documentation

The first two phases are critical to the success of website projects. Before we move pixels or write a line of code, we need to fully understand and align on project goals, requirements, and user focuses. We don’t like for ourselves or our clients to be surprised, and this phase goes a long way to paving a path to success for the project overall.

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Too many websites look the same. We are often challenged by clients to create unique designs that stand out in their industry, while also being easy to navigate for target audiences and users. We’re up to the challenge, and we don’t try to pass off “off the shelf” templates as unique web designs.

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Development & Deployment

Our development team is focused on bringing web designs and requirements alive. That means pixel perfect development, mobile optimization, meeting accessibility standards, optimizing for SEO page experience baselines, and more. Getting it coded, tested, launched, and providing ongoing hosting/maintenance are core focuses for Voltage.

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“They did an excellent job of designing and implementing the redesign, and I am truly grateful they have brought our site to modern times!”
Chris Boggs