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Web Design

Design matters, and we’re highly focused on getting it right. “Right”, for us, means it is unique and custom in order to stand apart from others in your space. It is engaging to your ideal user and target audiences. It drives toward your ultimate business goal. We take web design seriously and have the experience and credentials to show for it. We embrace challenges and work to make every website the best yet.

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Design is more than beauty.

Yes, we design every site to be the best. But, we don’t design things to just be pretty or aesthetically pleasing. If the website doesn’t put the user experience and the user first and foremost, the design won’t matter. If it can’t be found by a search engine, seamlessly utilized on mobile devices, or accessed by all, then it misses the mark. We are web designers and UX people, and that means we work on designs that can meet the ultimate goal and perform as intended.

What we do best.

Within the design phase of website projects, we don’t go into a silo or think small. We like to push boundaries, but in healthy ways that will engage your target audiences and ensure that we don’t leave anything on the table in the process and overall project.


Our design process starts before the design phase. The UX design role is included in discovery and documentation to ensure we’re planning interfaces, interactions, sitemaps, and content in a way that makes sense all the way through.

UX/UI Design

Yes, we’re design nerds, and we geek out on the latest trends, push the envelope, and seek inspiration to make sure your site doesn’t look like everyone else’s. Our team leverages creative experience and processes to partner with clients to make the subjective things objective in design.


Voltage’s design team doesn’t take a nap or check-out when the design phase ends. Designers are involved in the QA process, working closely with developers and clients to ensure that the coded and final product matches the design, intent, and goals, and that it comes to life as intended.