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MIQ Logistics had a goal to be a leader in logistics industry news and to increase engagement and reach with current social media followers and employees. In the past, the MIQ marketing team was spread thin and did not have the time or capacity to create relevant content and share it in a timely manner. MIQ partnered with Voltage to create unique and timely content, so that Voltage could use their social media expertise to post to appropriate social channels.


The strategy focused on the configuration of a system to curate content, receive real-time alerts to ensure quick dissemination of industry information, and posting on relevant social media networks. Voltage used data driven best practices in each social media post to increase click through rates, reach, and engagement of each post. This duration system allowed for quick content deployment to couple with planned content through an editorial calendar featuring first-party content produced by MIQ and posted on regular cycles.

Through the tactical execution of the strategy and the evolving nature of the content plan and optimization over time through agile marketing, the strategy was able to achieve successes for MIQ and within the logistics industry.

MIQ Logistics increased conversions from social media by 482.61%.


The campaign saw great successes in not only growing engagement with the target audience, but developed credibility through industry through leadership driving to measurable lead volume.

Results comparing the 2016 social media campaign to 2015:


Total Social Media Conversions (Leads)


LinkedIn Traffic


Facebook Traffic

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