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Zach is the head of digital marketing at Voltage. Though his specialty is in search engine optimization, he’s interested in mastering all marketing channels and making them work cohesively as a unit.

After mastering copywriting, coding, paid ads, and even graphic designZach set his sights on the Moby Dick of marketing: SEO. Inarguably the most important facet of digital marketing, SEO drew Zach in like a moth. As a young go-getter with no responsibilities, he realized that there was only one place he could go to accomplish his goals. As quick as he could move his nimble body, he was on the road to Kansas City from St. Louis, leaving a trail of dust for his wife and children to eat. The next day, he was on the doorstep of Voltage, the one place that could give him the mentoring and tools he needed to become the ultimate SEO beast master. His only goal is to make the digital world a better place by helping companies optimize their web presence so they can successfully connect with their audiences. When he’s not at work, you can probably find him exploring a Kansas City brewery, playing with his cats, or missing his family.