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Technical SEO

None of us like landing on SEO pages or seeing SEO copy. So, when we say content and SEO, we hold ourselves to a high standard. Content is a critical part of SEO, and whether you’re focused on providing it in a full-funnel approach or for different search intents, you have to do it well and write it for humans, not search engine bots. We build content strategies that align with what your target audience wants at each step in the journey, that support your thought leadership, and that give the proper context to search engines so it can be found.

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Here’s how it works.

Technical and some on-page aspects are the roots of SEO, and they are still important today. While content has emerged — rightfully so — as a primary focus, if that content can’t be found, what’s the point in creating it?

Like anything else in SEO, we do technical at a deep level. We are problem solvers, technical SEOs, developers, UX designers, and more. We’re here to find the right way to solve technical SEO challenges and to leverage opportunities uniquely for you. Often, there are many ways to solve one issue or to optimize. We’re all about getting to the right one based on your setup, resources, and tech stack.

What we do best.

As problem solvers, solution seekers, and technical people, it is hard to say what we do best. Maybe it is just finding the unique angle and opportunity to optimize and do it efficiently. Whether we’re doing it all on our side or partnering with your dev team, we’ll have a game plan every step of the way. We’re going to work with you, and we won’t say “no” or quit.


Being found is at the heart of SEO. If nothing else, we’re going to make sure obstacles large or small are removed in order to make sure your content is found, contextually understood, and semantically received by search engines.


Slow page loads kill conversions. That’s dramatic, but true. We’re here for optimizing page load times, site/server performance, and all of the quality metrics that matter to your site visitors and to search engines.


Who cares how much traffic we drive if everyone bounces? We’re here to see traffic through to conversion and even beyond. Fostering a positive UX with great UI is the start. Optimizing, monitoring granular data, and getting it right is the end game.