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SEO Audits

We don’t know anyone who likes the word audit in general. However, we do find excitement in partnering with clients for stand-alone audits as a starting point for their SEO journey or within the planning process. Yes, we’re nerds and yes, doing an audit to see the full landscape of SEO and how our clients fit into it is an exciting thing to us. Sometimes we start with our Digital Marketing Success Plan™ process and that’s the right first step, but sometimes a full landscape or specific focus audit is right, and we’re happy to start here with you.

Talk to an expert

Here’s how it works.

We make audits fun. We might be the only ones to say that, but that’s OK. We’re here to kick off with you in a personal way. We want to learn your goals and have a structured process to do that from the start. We don’t give you an automated report or something that a free tool can generate. We use context and meaning and carry it through the audit process. This results in a report and consultation from our team that leads to helpful next steps, a prioritized plan, and something usable that you can leverage for improvement or roll into a strategy to leverage.

What we do best.

We have deep expertise in SEO. We love it, and we want to share that love and passion with you. Part nerds, part business advisors, we’re here to go deep in a hands-on audit process, share the results with you, and make them actionable so you can implement them or so we can partner together (your choice) to advance your business and marketing goals overall through SEO.


Many auditing tools and firms simply run a crawl and spit out some technical recommendations. Yes, we’re going to look at on-page best practices. However, we’re talking business goals and SEO opportunities, and we’re doing our research so we can go way deeper.


We have humans at the controls and high level strategists leading the effort. Yes, we use tools and AI to save time and dollars for you. But, we’re doing this with context and are providing the unique value our experience provides.

Actionable Recommendations

We’re not leaving you with a 30-page report or a set of “errors”. We’re providing all the details, but we’re also giving you a prioritized list of recommendations weighed by potential impact versus the level of effort to implement them. We’re having real conversations to walk through it and help you implement.