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Paid Search Strategy

If you’ve visited a few pages on our site, you’ve probably seen the word strategy quite a bit. We take it seriously, and that’s especially true in paid search. It can be expensive to spend dollars with ad networks and agencies if paid search isn’t working. Our mission is to prevent that from happening by crafting a strategy from the start.

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Here’s how it works.

Paid search isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it thing. It requires strategic monitoring, optimization, and experience to get right.

As a Google Partner (as well as other platforms), we leverage our years of experience and certifications to partner with clients and work through a proven process, arriving at a custom strategy for launch that includes projections, expectations for performance, and a clear roadmap for profitability.

What we do best.

Paid search is something that can be ramped up pretty quickly. However, the variety of types of ads, ways you can structure campaigns and ad groups, AI built into the ad platforms, and the ability to distill down the data to make real-time, informed decisions creates a complex marketing channel that requires the right mix of process and strategy to produce ROI.


Multiple types of research are critical — including audience, competition, SERP analysis, and user intent — and we match that up with client data and persona research to map out the plan from the start.


There are a lot of different philosophies on ad types and ways to engage target audiences. We want to map out intent, funnels, and where someone is in the customer journey to reach the right person at the right time with your ads.


There are many philosophies when it comes to account structure. Leveraging our research and targeting, we’ll strategically plan out the ideal structure that allows for segmentation, testing, optimization, and performance measurement.