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Paid Search Audits

Paid search advertising is complicated. And, with such a significant level of detail and focus required, people and companies managing it over time might stop seeing bigger opportunities.

An outside perspective can be good due diligence or a great starting point for determining what could be done in a better and more impactful way.

Whether you’re looking for an outside perspective for your current efforts, want to see how things are now before you start a new engagement, or have already engaged with Voltage, we’re using audits as a great full-range perspective on strategy, settings, configuration, and ultimately for the performance you are getting versus what you should expect.

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Here’s how it works.

There are a number of free and paid tools that will grade your ads account or produce quick reports. Those have their place, but we go much deeper. We want to know the context involved and what your real opportunities are for revenue and ROI.
Sure, we have great tech, AI, and processes to save money and be efficient. However, we’re using our experience and expertise to focus on strategy and to go much deeper in our analysis to match up with your business goals. We’re not here to just give you some scores and a basic checklist that ignores or can’t take into account who your audience is and who you’re competing against for impressions, clicks, and conversions.

What we do best.

We start with discovery to understand the history of your paid search advertising. We dig into anything unique in your setup, what has worked well and what hasn’t, what your goals are overall, and what your goal is for the audit. This gives us the context to carry out a rich audit process that drives to a powerful, useful deliverable.


Understanding what matters to you, what provides ROI, and your ultimate goals is what makes an audit powerful. We start with a discovery process to learn everything we can before we move deeper into our auditing process so that we look at everything through a strategic lens.

Auditing Process

Our detailed auditing process includes a balanced mix of hands-on review and technology. We leverage the context of your goals to evaluate all aspects of structure, targeting, ads, landing pages, conversions, spend, and performance.

Audit Report

The audit report is a detailed deliverable. At the end of the process, we present the high-level findings, prioritized recommendations, all of the details of what we reviewed, and our analysis of each item. This allows you to walk away and implement recommendations immediately.