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One of the most visible aspects of paid search advertising is the ads we see all the time on the search network. These are text ads and those ads you see within the search engine results page when you go to Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

We love the search network and getting campaign strategy and structure right for our clients to support all levels of content and their marketing funnel. Whether someone is doing their first search or is deep in product/service consideration, we’re going to make sure your ad is there and found on that important keyword that will ultimately drive to a conversion and to ROI.

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Here’s how it works.

The search engine ad platforms continue to evolve their settings and opportunities for advertisers. That means what was once pitched as a simple, self-serve platform is more complicated than ever.

There are debates among our peers and leaders in our space about how to create and structure campaigns and write search network ads. We’re oddly good with that. The more complex and the more varied everyone’s strategies, the bigger the opportunity for us to leverage our learnings, approaches, and strategies to help our clients succeed.

We do it in the search network with getting the research, auditing, and mapping to client funnels right from the start. From there, we optimize, test, and measure to ensure that it works today and in the future for our clients.

What we do best.

We have a unique planning and strategy process. It leads to an ongoing campaign implementation and management phase with incremental strategy. Through the traditional pillars of technical, on-page, and off-page SEO, we have a timeless approach and process that accounts for the rapid changes in search and sticks to what has worked since the beginning.


If your site can’t be found, why invest in all the other stuff? Your site needs to be fast, to be high quality for humans and bots alike, and to create a great experience.

On Page

Context matters. Getting content right — including strategy, optimization, and matching content to user intent and where someone is in their customer journey — is the crux of SEO.

Off Page

External sources and connections to your content can act like votes for your authority status. We make sure your organization gets the credit and status it authentically deserves.