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Recently, some kind words were shared about a Voltage Creative new website project that included a custom ticketing system integration.  An excerpt from the Tessitura newsletter is included below regarding Voltage’s work styling the TNEW system seamlessly into the new Lyric Opera website (also designed and developed by Voltage).  We are proud of our partnership with Lyric on the project and are grateful for the nice words from Tessitura below (or after the jump).


Lyric-Opera-Tessitura-TNEW-Integration-Events-Calendar-Page.pngScreen Shot 2013-12-13 at 3.53.26 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-13 at 3.53.26 PMLyric-Opera-Tessitura-TNEW-Integration-Log-In-Page.png


We just love showing off great work.  Especially when it’s done by a user innovating on the abilities of one of our products.  Lyric Opera of Kansas City just launched their refreshed TN Express Web (TNEW) site this month and they took advantage of TNEW’s flexible styling capabilities to make the look and feel of the site perfectly match their overall site branding and Styles.

TN Express Web is the Network’s prebuilt Tessitura-integrated e-commerce platform that works in conjunction with your existing website and visual design/branding.  Part of any implementation of a TN Express Web site is styling the site so that TNEW looks and acts just like the pages on your existing website (button styles, fonts, colors, spacing of wording on the page, etc.).  Your customer should never know where TN Express Web stops and starts as they click through your site.  Occasionally, an organization using TN Express Web wants to take that styling and branding and go the extra mile to customize it even further.  Lyric Opera of Kansas City did just that and decided to host their own cascading style sheets (CSS) which control many aspects of TNEW’s web page layout and presentation.  They partnered with an external design team to create the design and refined CSS approach.  The results are subtle degrees of TNEW-stellar!  Click around to see for yourself.

There are are many beautifully designed TNEW sites.  We just thought we’d point out this new launch and say thanks to the Lyric Opera for a great implementation.

Again, we’re grateful for the kind words and attention from Tessitura as we take great satisfaction in our ability to create seamless, creative, and optimized user experiences for our clients.  We also are thankful for the opportunity to work with world-class organizations like the Lyric Opera of Kansas City.

If you have a Tessitura or TNEW integration project that Voltage Creative can help with, we’d love to speak with you about your project-contact Voltage Creative.

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