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Corey Morris

President / CEO

Corey is the owner and President/CEO of Voltage. He has spent 18 years working in strategic and leadership roles focused on growing national and local client brands with award-winning, ROI-generating digital strategies. He's a recent recipient of the KCDMA 2019 Marketer of the Year award.

I’m not one to spend a lot of time talking about “the good ‘ole days” or talking about walking up the hill both ways in a foot of snow when it comes to my career in SEO. However, I did recently tackle a topic that I thought deserved some attention.

There has been plenty of debate over the years about single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) in paid search. Similarly, clients over the years often have had a single keyword or phrase that is their focus and would mean a lot for their business reputation and sales to be ranked number one.

With the changes in search algorithms focusing more on context than keywords specifically over the past two decades, it is interesting to see how many companies still focus narrowly on subject matter and keywords.

There are very good reasons to narrow your focus (just like Voltage has over the years) and niche down. There are also great reasons to focus on a number of terms and long-tail opportunities with keywords instead of on just one. I weighed the pros and cons of this calling out the dangers in both camps to ensure that our intent, strategy, and focus is right now matter how we think about a single keyword or a whole plethora of them in our campaigns.

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