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Herzig Engineering is a nationally licensed electrical engineering firm located in Kansas City, MO. Since 2000, Herzig has focused on improving the electrical safety culture at client facilities through arc flash warning labels, training, electrical safety programs, lockout/tagout procedures, and other engineering services.

Voltage’s SEO strategy focused on improving Herzig’s conversion rate.


In order to improve Herzig’s conversion rate, we updated content and improved overall site health through on-page and technical optimization. We ran content, competitor, and SERP audits to identify potential queries used by clients to find Herzig’s services, then updated the content to ensure it matched these findings. 

We focused on promoting the brand’s messaging during our campaign. We built out the About page with quality content covering the company’s experience in this field, added an “Our Team” section, and created and optimized a Training section so users can access free webinars. 

Voltage’s copywriting team updated content across the site based on extensive keyword and search intent research. We also followed web design best practices to create new sections of the website that lent to optimizing the conversion funnel. Best practices include using consistent brand colors, improving the visual hierarchy to lead users through content to the CTA, making the CTAs clear and eye-catching, simplifying navigation, and improving readability and ADA compliance.

Previously, all conversions were funneled through the contact page. We used visitor tracking tools to monitor behavior on the site and strategically placed lead forms on each service page. This achieved a reduction of users dropping off between the service and contact forms.


*Voltage won silver in the Organic Search Engine Marketing category at the 2022 AMBIT Awards.

Voltage’s strategy had a significant impact on both ends of the conversion funnel. With increased search visibility due to the refreshed content, Herzig’s website saw an impressive 43% increase in organic traffic from August 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021 (August 2020 was the oldest data available for a year-over-year comparison). That increase in qualified traffic led to a 333% increase in leads generated, which is a 95% increase in conversion rate. For the Herzig website, leads are defined by users completing the forms on the service and contact pages.


Increase in organic sessions


Increase in goal completions


Increase in conversion rate

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