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American Trailer & Storage offers portable storage equipment for sale or rent from their Kansas City, Omaha, and St. Louis locations. They also offer shipping container modifications including windows, heating & air conditioning, insulation, flooring, and more, plus the option to rent or buy used semi-trailers.

Voltage’s goal was to build an integrated SEO, paid search, and social media campaign strategy to increase qualified lead generation from forms on the website.



With the goal of improving the amount and quality of quote submissions to the site in 2021, Voltage built an integrated campaign strategy and utilized tactics that included keyword research across all channels, updating content, improving usability and clarity of the site, adding new paid search campaigns to target niche keywords, adding bid adjustments to target demographics, and tightening location targeting.

Content across the site was updated and optimized through extensive keyword research to improve search engine rankings and to create uniform organization throughout the site. Voltage utilized extensive keyword research to create a new paid search campaign for targeting niche keywords, garnering more traffic and quote form submissions.


*This campaign won silver in the Business-to-Business Integrated Marketing category at the 2022 KCDMA AMBIT Awards.

Our SEO efforts increased goal conversion rates by 76%, increased organic clicks by 178%, and increased click-through rates by 26%. Our paid search tactics helped increase conversions by 60%, lower cost-per-conversion by 48%, and increase click-through rate by 72%. Ultimately increasing client awareness and engagement with the AT&S brand.

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